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Why are Pueblo Horizons FCU and Premier Members CU joining forces?

The credit union world is becoming increasingly competitive. This is a proactive step to capitalize on our strengths, and position the new organization to move into the future. This partnership will ultimately result in a better banking experience for all of our members.

How does joining Credit Unions benefit Pueblo Horizons FCU members?

  • As a member of this much larger organization you will reap the following benefits:
  • Better rates on Money Market Savings, Interest-Bearing Checking, and high-rate Share
    Certificates options.
  • Access to an in-house, full-service Contact Center,
  • Enhanced online banking and mobile banking access including mobile check deposit,
  • Access to an in-house, full-service First Mortgage Division,
  • Access to an in-house, full-service Investments Division,
  • Access to small business services including loans and merchant services,
  • Access to 13 additional branches that range from Castle Rock to Estes Park,
  • Retain FREE access to all existing Shared Branches and Surcharge-Free ATMs
  • Maintain your convenient Pueblo location and all of the friendly PHFCU employees you
    have come accustomed to – no staff reduction,
  • Retain the Credit Union’s member-owned, not-for-profit status,
  • Keep your financial assets safe into the future due to increased stability due to larger

How does joining Credit Unions benefit the communities they serve?

With our larger size and greater resources (both financially as well as personnel), the continuing
credit union will play an even greater role in supporting the local Pueblo communities where our
members live and work.

What will the branch network look like after the merger?

The continuing credit union will have 18 total branches, 4 of which are in Boulder Valley School
District high schools.

Will shared branching locations still be available?


How will combining credit unions affect my services?

Members will retain all the high-quality services they have now, plus enjoy expanded branch
locations, enhanced products, services, technology, convenience, and uninterrupted

Is my money safe?

Yes. Your funds continue to be federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration, an
agency of the federal government.

Is the credit union in financial trouble?

No. Our credit union, and the credit union joining with us are financially sound and well-

Is the decision to join final?


Were members required to vote on this?

Yes, Pueblo Horizons FCU members voted since our credit union is merging into the Premier Members CU state charter.

Will the credit union name change?

Yes, the name will change to Premier Members Credit Union.

Will there be any staff reduction?

No. All employees from PHFCU and PMCU will retain their employment and benefits. Both
credit unions value their excellent employees.

Will the employees at my credit union branch change?

No, your local, friendly staff in Pueblo will be there to provide you superior service just as they
always have.

Are you going to close my branch?

No branch closures are planned.

When will I be able to start using the other credit union’s branches?

If a particular branch is already a part of the shared branching network (CU Service Centers),
members can use those branches now. The date for branch availability will be announced as information about the integration process becomes available.

How will I be notified of changes to my account?

Members will continue to receive updates via postcards, statements, websites, and lobby
brochures. Please be sure to read all material sent to you from your credit union.

When will I start to notice changes?

Both Credit Unions have been working closely over the past several months. Some changes will
be apparent immediately following the membership vote while others may take a bit longer.

Since we’ll be bigger, will we operate like a big bank?

No. We will stay a local, not-for-profit member-owned financial cooperative and serve members
in the traditional credit union manner, including community-based service. The credit union will
retain its goal of providing low-cost financing with a broad array of products and services.

What is the advantage of being bigger?

Combining the best of both organizations means a credit union with expanded products and
services, more financial assets, improved technology and expanded diversification of
membership. Without a doubt, we will be better together.

Will the changes cost members (e.g., new checks)?

No. Members will not incur costs.

Will you still have a focus on individual members and service like when you were a smaller Credit Union?

We will continue to provide individual service to the best of our abilities as we always have. In
our eyes, this is one of the most important factors in what differentiates a Credit Union from a
big bank.

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of the newly formed organization?

The combined organization is led by Carlos Pacheco, CEO, Premier Members Credit Union.
Don Ortega, former President and CEO, is President Pueblo County.

How did the merger get approved?

The merger received regulatory approval from the State of Colorado, the National Credit Union Administration and PHFCU members voted to accept the merger.

Where can I get more information about the combined Credit Union?

The best place to access updated information on the progress of the merger and the combined
Credit Union will be on both the PHFCU and PMCU websites – horizonsfcu.org and pmcu.org

What if I have additional questions?

We encourage questions and would love to hear your feedback. The best way to get your
question or concern to Senior Management is to use the Member Feedback option on the
website. You may also call us at 719.542.5773 (PHFCU) or 303.657.7000 (PMCU).